Institute of Deaf Studies

The International Summer School 2014

Current Issues in Sign Language Linguistics


The International Summer School 2014: Current Issues in Sign Language Linguistics (CISL) aspired to encourage young specialists to do their own research and give them an overview of the currently discussed issues in the linguistics of sign languages in the world.
Meaning Making, Worlds, Dictionary Defintions, and Context Is Everything Tom Humphries
Indirect Naming Units in Czech Sign Language Radka Novakova
Deaf Signs in Czech Sign Language Petr Vysucek
Corpus-based SL Reasearch: The Case of Mouth Actions in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Trevor Johnston
Lexical Variation and Change in British Sign Language Adam Schembri
A Corpus Study of Weak Hand Lowering Across French Belgian Sign Language Registers Aurore Paligot
Corpus Data in Linguistic Research: The Case of Polish Sign Language (PJM) Pawel Rutkowski
Studies of Sign Language Lexicons Carol Padden
Sign Language Endangerment Ulrike Zeshan
Village Sign Languages as Endangered Languages – An Analysis of Discourse about Chican Sign Language (Mexico) Josefina Safar
Construction of Sign Language as a Historical Object: Some Questions and Fallacies Josef Fulka
Plains Indian Sign Languages Karel Redlich
Handshapes in Handling Classifier Constructions in Czech Sign Language Josefina Kalousova
Historical Relationship between the Numeral Signs of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea Sign Languages Keiko Sagara
A Study on Code Switching in Korean Sign Language Hyunhwa Lee
Cross-modal Bilingualism: Language Contact Phenomena in Chinese Yaqing Chen
Perfective Aspect in Finnish Sign Language Juhana Salonen
Buoys in the “LSFB Sea”? Their Coordinates and Their Neighbours Silvia Gabarro-Lopez
Performance Of German Deaf Children, Adults And L2-Learners In German Sign Language Sentence Reproduction Test Christian Rathmann
PATH – Image Schema in Czech Sign Language Anna Moudra